Marsha the Boggy Swampling is an uncommon Moshling in Moshi Monsters, in the Screamies Moshling set. She made her debut appearence on October 17th, 2013 when she released in the zoo along with Hoolio, and the other Screamies Moshlings.


Legend has it that murky Slack Lagoon is contaminated with radioactive gloop. Well how else do you explain the existence of Boggy Swamplings? With their head-mounted fins, flappy flippers and big buggy-eyes, it's the only explanation. Thankfully these slime-guzzling Moshlings are friendly, especially if you've got a few dead gutterflies.


Moshis vs Ghosts - The Moshling from the Black Lagoon


Swamp soup and B-movies.


Fishing hooks and gammy rays.


The Slack Lagoon  but there have been countless Boggy Swampling sightings in the Neverglades.


  • Marsha's footprints glow in the dark.

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